Food & Nightlife

Clam Lake Beer Company

Our local restaurants, foodies and nightlife providers are scattered around town.  Offering mouthwatering craft beer downtown, to lakeside dining on the west side, to franchise dinner menus to the north.   Fast-food or full-service, it's within 15-20 minutes of Cadillac.

JUST CLICK on the business of choice and another window will pop up with more information.

Please use the search engine below to find contact information under category 'Dining' or 'Foodies'.

See our Visitors Guide pages 36-37 of our guide below for a printable list to bring with you! 

Holiday Dining

Restaurants OPEN on Thanksgiving -

Burke's Waterfront Restaurant, 8am - 3ish, 231-775-7555  (Cadillac West)
Evergreen Resort/ Curly's Restaurant, 10am - 4ish, 231-775-9947  (South of Cadillac)
Duane's Family Restaurant, 10:30am - 3pm, 231-826-3313 (East of Cadillac, Falmouth)
Ellen's Corners, call for time 231-885-1100, (Mesick)
Ronnies Lunchbox, 6:30am - 6pm, 231-743-9499 (Marion)

Restaurants OPEN on Christmas -

Ellen's Corners, call for time 231-885-1100 (Mesick)
Great Wall Chinese, call for time 231-775-8600 (Cadillac)
R Dub's at Caberfae, 8am - 10pm, 231-862-3000 (Caberfae, west of Cadillac)
Beaties Bar & Grill, call for time 231-862-3000 (Caberfae west of Cadillac)
Ronnies Lunchbox, 6:30am - 6pm, 231-743-9499 (Marion)

Printable Dining Guide