Festival and Events

Restaurants OPEN on Thanksgiving -

  • Burke's Waterfront Restaurant, 8am - 3ish, 231-775-7555  (Cadillac West)
  • Evergreen Resort/ Curly's Restaurant, 10am - 4ish, 231-775-9947  (South of Cadillac)
  • Duane's Family Restaurant, 10:30am - 3pm, 231-826-3313 (East of Cadillac, Falmouth)
  • Ellen's Corners, call for time 231-885-1100, (Mesick)
  • Ronnies Lunchbox, 6:30am - 6pm, 231-743-9499 (Marion)

Restaurants OPEN on Christmas -

  • Ellen's Corners, call for time 231-885-1100 (Mesick)
  • Great Wall Chinese, call for time 231-775-8600 (Cadillac)
  • R Dub's at Caberfae, 8am - 10pm, 231-862-3000 (Caberfae, west of Cadillac)
  • Beaties Bar & Grill, call for time 231-862-3000 (Caberfae west of Cadillac)
  • Ronnies Lunchbox, 6:30am - 6pm, 231-743-9499 (Marion)

Festival Lodging Specials

Area hotels offer lodging specials all season long - Area Specials

Back to the Bricks - see website

Freedom Festival - packages coming soon

Cadillac Craft Beer Festival - packages coming soon

North American Snow Festival - packages coming soon

Additional festival packages may be available on the festival website, see links in the listings...