Dogman Dogma


The Michigan Dogman is a creature that is said to roam Cadillac, Michigan area and The Little Manistee river banks.  Described as a half-man, half dog (or wolf) by various accounts, it is an animal undocumented by science, yet has been seen and photographed by scores of individuals.  It has been categorized by cryptozoologists as a "Hairy Hominid" or "Upright Canid.”  Creatures in this sub-species include a variety of hybrid creatures such as Bigfoot, Yeti, Skunk Ape, etc.  Each exhibits human characteristics such as walking upright at least part of the time, but each also bears unmistakable animal traits, such as a body that is covered by fur.


The Dogman legend has been around in various forms for thousands of years, and appears in Native American lore among disparate tribes who lived or traveled through the upper midwest. The Ottawa/Chippewa tribes in particular speak of a race of hybrid humans known as 'shapeshifters,' who could transform themselves into any number of animal forms at will.

The Legend by Steve Cook


"A cool summer mornin' in early June is when the legend began,....At a nameless logging camp in Wexford County where the Manistee River ran. ....Eleven lumberjacks near the Garland Swamp found an animal they thought was a dog. ....In a playful mood they chased it around ...'til it ran inside a hollow log..... A logger named Johnson grabbed him a stick and poked around inside... Then the thing let out an unearthly scream and came out ...and stood upright. ...None of those men ever said very much about whatever happened then. ....They just packed up their belongings and left that night and were never heard from again. "