Historical Tours

These are sites in Wexford County that have been recognized by the State of Michigan as a state historic landmark.

Wexford County Historical Museum
Carnegie Library
127 Beech St., Cadillac
(231) 775-1717
Exhibits include an early home interior, a general store, post office items from the lumbering era, early fire equipment and railroad memorabilia. This was originally built as the Cadillac Library.

Historical Downtown Walking Tour

Self-guided maps - down below.

We have several Historic Museums in the area, who could be a couple day tour on their own.  

The Cadillac Historic Walking Tour has 16 sites for you to enjoy a 2-mile walk through the streets of Old Cadillac and explore a taste of the city in the late 19th Century.  The 1880s lumber boom in Michigan was a contributing factor to the wealth and beautiful structures that still stand proudly today in Cadillac, and history lovers have been flocking to the area for generations to pay respect to a time still represented in the brick and mortar that stands today.  

Start on the East end of Lake Cadillac and meadner through the city streets to all 16 historic sites.  As you finish, be sure to explore all of the museums and historic organizations inn the Cadillac Area.

We hope you enjoy your self-guided history tour of Cadillac.  For questions and additional information visit the Wexford County Historical Museum