Business & Social

Indoors or outdoors, we have options...

We are located in the geographic middle of the state - perfectly situated to meet, for anything.

We have facilities and tools for meeting planners - for social or business gatherings.   We have facilities connected to hotels and  facilities not connected to hotels.  Our facilities are all within 5-10 minutes of each other (northern Michigan minutes are quicker than most).  

So if you are a decision-maker  organizing a group meeting from a corporation, association, government agency, military, religious, or reunion, for a social, ethnic, special events, sports and educational activity, please give us a call - we can help you.

Resources are uploaded here, or additional support is just a phone call away - call Kathy Adair Morin, Group Sales Manager, at our office 231-775-0657

Group and Conference Brochure download pdf

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