Trip Planner

This section lets you create your own online itinerary. As you find items on this website that may be of interest to you, simply click the "Add to Trip Planner" icon. Each item will then get added to your list. Once you have completed adding items to your planner list, you may take the following actions:

  1. Request Info
    This will send an email directly to each individual business using our "Send Me More Information" form. For the items you have added to your list that do not have an email, we will give you their phone number.
  2. Print This List
    Prints the list to your printer, if you have one.
  3. View Map
    This will display your itinerary on a Map, also allowing you to retrieve driving directions.
  4. Save your Trip Planner
    Creates an account with this website so you can access your itinerary later.

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